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What is Sulforaphane? And why is it so important?

Sulforaphane is a compound found in certain vegetables, particularly in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and cabbage. It is known for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and has been linked to numerous health benefits, including reducing the risk of certain types of cancer, improving heart health, and promoting healthy brain function.

Sulforaphane is produced when an enzyme called myrosinase comes into contact with glucoraphanin, a precursor compound found in cruciferous vegetables. This reaction occurs when the vegetable is chopped, crushed, or chewed, which is why cooking or processing these vegetables can decrease their sulforaphane content.

Microgreens, which are young, tender plants that are harvested when they are only a few inches tall, have been found to contain exceptionally high levels of sulforaphane. In fact, research has shown that some microgreens can have up to 40 times more sulforaphane than mature plants.

Microgreens are easy to grow at home and can be a convenient and cost-effective way to boost your intake of sulforaphane and other beneficial nutrients. Some of the best microgreens for sulforaphane content include broccoli, kale, and radish.

To grow your own microgreens, you will need a shallow container, such as a tray or a flat, as well as some potting soil and seeds. Simply fill the container with soil, sprinkle the seeds evenly over the surface, and then cover with a thin layer of soil. Water the seeds regularly and place the container in a sunny location. In just a few days, the seeds will begin to sprout, and within a week or two, you can harvest the microgreens by cutting them just above the soil line. Check out our grow kit that contains everything you will need to grow microgreens just like us!

In addition to being high in sulforaphane, microgreens are also packed with other beneficial nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They can be added to salads, sandwiches, or smoothies, or used as a garnish for a variety of dishes.

In conclusion, sulforaphane is a powerful compound found in cruciferous vegetables that has been linked to numerous health benefits. Microgreens, which are young, tender plants that are harvested when they are only a few inches tall, are a particularly rich source of sulforaphane and can be easily grown at home. Adding microgreens to your diet can be a simple and effective way to boost your intake of this important nutrient and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Interested in boosting your own nutrition? Check out our subscription service for free deliveries every Tuesday, cut fresh every morning!

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