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What are Microgreens and why should you care!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Vegetables can be boring especially the ones that you see in the store all the time. From broccoli and cabbage to the usual heads of lettuce that you will cut up into the common "healthy" salad. What if there was a better alternative to lettuce that had a much larger concentration of nutrition but in a much smaller package? Introducing Microgreens!

Microgreens are young seedlings of their adult counterparts. They take much less time to grow but contain about 40 times the amount of nutrients compared to their adult counterparts! Not only that but these greens tend to taste sweeter and a little less bitter! You will commonly see them inside sushi rolls or even on top of dishes at fancy restaurants.

Easy to incorporate!

There are many questions asking - How would you even use Microgreens? At first glance it's not very intuitive because many of these greens don't need to be cooked and are preferably eaten raw. However, if you consider microgreens as a substitute for any type of lettuce or even a fancy topping, the use of microgreens are endless! If your sandwich uses any type of lettuce or leafy greens any assortment of microgreens is a great replacement. It will add a greater crunchy texture and extra flavor than any available lettuce could.

Interested in trying some out?

We offer free delivery for first 50 customers! Use code FIRST50 at check out for free shipping on any order! We are also a local vendor located in Sugar Land and attend Missouri City Farmers market every other weekend, come out and show your support! Mention this article for a free wheatgrass shot, just mention this article.


Sprinkling some of our microgreens on top of just about any dish gives it that extra visual flare! From porridge to chicken soup!

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